Aranzadi Portal for special marks in birds

Welcome to the web site of the Aranzadi Sciences Society to register sighting data of colour-ringed birds. The aim of the portal is to facilitate the compilation and management of data coming from sightings (distance readings) of colour-, PVC-ringed/marked birds.

This portal is designed to collect data from individual birds marked in projects of the Aranzadi Sciences Society or by ringers using “Aranzadi” metal rings who are not associated to other ringing entities working in Spain (ICO, GOB, EBD). You can consult the list of colour-ring projects here.

REMARK: Currently, this portal only allows entering data of individuals with a single, alphanumeric colour-ring. Colour-ring combinations or other types of marks cannot be registered in this portal.

However, this portal is also open to register sighting data of any species but, in this case, we strongly advise to enter only data from the Basque Country. Otherwise, please go to these web sites:

  • Catalonia: ICO portal.
  • Espagne: EBD portal. This portal compiles all the data of colour-ringed/marked birds in Spain. Accordingly, all the data collected through will be periodically copied in the EBD’s portal.